What watt?

If you have good quality clippers and trimmers servicing and repairs will be required from time to time.

Grease clags up, hair and oil get down inside and cause nasty damage and blockages amongst the motor, battery and circuit board.

Clipper machines need 4 things maintained to keep them working well. Oil, grease, sharp blades and clean internals.

Oil your blades before use and clean them off after use.

Grease is used internally and on some external parts on certain clippers. Oil is also used internally on some as well.

Sharp blades speak for themselves, it its isn't cutting and clearing its causing friction and heat wearing both the blade and the drive of the motor

Keeping the internals clean is a massive factor in how long your clipper and trimmer machines will last.

Like us they inhale and exhale air using it to cool the motor. this means that if they are blocked a whole lot of heat is built up inside taking a massive toll on parts.

You need a keen eye and the proper equipment to spot issues and potential issues that may cost only a little now but save you a lot in 6 months time.

Pet groomers and barbers should always be having their clippers serviced and least every 12 months.

Hair dressers mainly doing women's

hair every couple of years, and your home user roughly the same.