Dirty dish beater

So you've been lucky enough to have a dishwasher? What a fantastic invention!

I remember as kids growing up it was one of the nightly chores we carried out for out weekly pocket money.

Those knife cuts and cracker dry hands were always worth the few bags of mixed chopper rotters we could get from the store at the end of the street.

These days you just stick then in the machine load a tab and turn it on, then go back to watching another season of Al Swearengen call everyone a ....sucker

We even have fancy plastiques that are extremely durable against the extreme harshness of the hydro cutlery sandblaster.

However your knives really, really hate dishwashers. Even with the most expensive extreme heat and chemical resistant handles and the best super samurai 5k layered overpriced steel it will end up causing it to break off or beat it into something that resembles Bert Newtons face.

So do your knives a favour and keep them aside, clean the off with a cloth and put them away in a nice knife block and it will keep them carving bestial carcasses through Christmas and beyond.