Chop Chop

When it comes to your knives edge holding capabilities one thing that should never be overlooked are the surfaces its constantly making contact with.

Having a proper chopping board with a firm but forgiving surface is a great way to keep cutting for longer between edge touch ups.

Most general everyday kitchen knives will be between 54 - 58 HRC which is the most common in households. Rarer are 58 - 61 HRC and you don't see a lot at all over that generally due to genuine well made knives up here being custom made and expensive.

This means a lot will end up folding the edge over and creating a burr which, the harder the object or cutting surface is the quicker it will do it.

So when buying a board I would always recommend wood. End grain boards will give you a softer surface again but aesthetically some like myself like the look of figure.

From time to time I do limited runs of branded boards and sell them so keep an eye out on our Facebook page for any new arrivals.