Are you being served?

Paramount of any business is quality of service.

From the worker who just wants to get paid so they can bugger off, grab a bottle of John Denver's finest and party like its 1999, to the diehard company person who loves the company as if it were their own and has matching company logo'd undergarments to go with their corporate polo. We've dealt with most of them through our lifetime, possibly even been one or both ourselves.

What takes it to the next level though is the person you deal with who not only loves where they work but has a infatuation with the product or service itself, a "passion in the pantaloons" as you might say.

These are the people who like a good bartender make their patrons feel "special" and safe in the knowledge they have the experience not to mix up the bar cleaner with the finest cactus sap El donkey beater could strangle up for you to pour down your gullet and blackout into Leonardo Di Memeio's Inception.

This type of service is not only memorable but it's what converts conscious-less consumerism to brand on the sleeve loyalty with no fluffy gimmicks attached.

So remember that no matter what the price says it doesn't always speak value. Its made up of a lot of other moving parts, there's convenience, and downtime to take into account along with proper explanation of the goods and or services along with follow up to see if you are satisfied and have any other queries.