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We sharpen all kinds of knives, including kitchen knives, chefs

knives, hunting knives, fishing knives and pocket knives. 

Plain edge, serrated edge, convex edge, hawkbills and recurve. These are a few of the many types of blades we sharpen on a regular basis.


We use the latest knife sharpening machines for precise angles or delicately hand sharpen to your requirements.

So if you own a restaurant or café and sharp knives are critical to your cooks or food preparers, then call Hone Sharpening to discuss a regular knife sharpening routine for your business. 

We are the Knife Sharpening experts !!!


We also repair knives. Don't throw away your knife just because the tip is broken, our experience allows us to repair broken tips and chips in your blades


Our repair services include making modifications to knives and servicing troublesome folding knives. 

The cost of our repairs is a fraction of the cost of a new knife so call us today to find out how inexpensive that knife repair could be. We can pick up and deliver you knives or you can drop them off to our factory.

Knife Repairs the easy way...

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