From secateurs to shears, axes to shovels we sharpen and service a large range of hand and powered garden tools.

With a sharp blade on your garden tool, you get the job done in half the time. After all, gardening is hard work in itself so why make it more difficult than it needs to be? Blunt tools will slow you down, sharp garden tools will make you happy.

Our Garden Tool Sharpening service will make all your garden tools sharp again and feel like new. Why buy new garden tools when Hone Sharpening service can restore your old garden tools to like new.

Call us today to discuss our pick up and delivery service for garden tool sharpening or just drop your garden tools off to our service center.

Garden Tool Sharpening Service...


Old garden tools can be repaired. Our Garden Tool repair service includes servicing and repair work to all garden tools, both manual and electric.

Why replace old Garden Tools. Hone Sharpening service can make your old garden tools like new.

Garden Tool cleaning to remove sap and debris is also available for most garden tools and sometimes necessary before sharpening.

Garden Tools Repaired the easy way...

hone sharpening sharpens all types of old garden tools